Softgun - The embedded system simulator

Softgun is a an embedded system simulator. Softgun is known to run linux blob and u-boot for the ARM-9 processors Digi NS9750, Freescale i.MX21 and Atmel AT91RM9200. Also softgun can emulate the ATMega 644 based game console "Uzebox", the Renesas Microcontrollers RX, M32C and R8C. Softgun was written because i had to port embedded Linux to boards before i had the hardware. Softgun runs on a Linux host and with some restrictions on Cygwin.

Softgun simulating Renesas RX62N

Here softgun plays a "Heidi" video on a monochrome 128x64 display. The simulated board is based on the Renesas RX62N CPU and is running with 96 MHz.

Softgun running playing a video on an Renesas RX62N board

Softgun running embedded Linux on an AT91RM9200 based board

Softgun simulating an AT91RM9200 based board

Softgun running Uzebox games (ATMega 644 based game console)

Softgun simulating Uzebox

Softgun running metroworks Linux

Softgun running metroworks linux

Softgun running FRXTPH-OS on an Elektor ARMee Board simulation

Softgun simulating Elektor ARMee board with 2x16 Text LCD