STE10/100 PCI Ethernet Chip with PHY emulation


Don't use the STE10/100 for new designs. The internal PHY is unusable.


The STE10/100 is a DEC Tulip register compatible Ethernet MAC with integrated PHY. It has a PCI interface.

Device bugs

ST-Microelectronics confirmed this bug and sent me an algorithm which can bring back the PHY from faulty state to working state. This indeed works, but it is not useful because the driver can not detect if the PHY is in faulty state (Receiving nothing for some hours is not a real fault indication). Applying this fix regularly, for example every five seconds is not good because it interrupts the traffic for 2 seconds.

ST-Microelectronics told me that the "B2" revision of the Chip is fixed. I tested it and found that the B2 revision has the same bug. It should be noted here that all revisions of the STE10/100 identified with revision "A1" in the PCI revision number/step number register CR2. It looks like ST-Microelectronics only increments the version on the label of the chip but does not change the chip itself. All chips were bought from the distributor "Spoerle".

Howto Test if a STE10/100 is affected by this bug

Emulator bugs / Missing features