Deskjet 460 Simulation

The HP Deskjet 460 is a Mobile Printer with USB. It understands the languages PJL,PCL and PCL3GUI. Softgun implements the USB Interface and a PCL3GUI interpreter. The output is written to a PNG-Image or can be redirected to a real printer. There is a standalone binary for conversion from PCL3GUI to PNG.

Documentation bugs

The Language PCL3GUI is not documented by HP. The only source of information is hplip. The compression Mode 9 can be found in the PCL5 documents. Mode 10 is documented nowhere.

Emulator bugs / Missing features

The HP Deskjet emulation is a minimal implementation which implements only the PCL3GUI mode used by "hplip". It can only be used as standalone version or from Freescale i.MX21 emulator because the i.MX21 USB host controller is the only one which is working in softgun. The SD-Card Slot in the printer is not emulated.