AMD NOR flash compatible Chips

AMD/Spansion NOR flash Chips are often used in embedded systems for booting. Often also the operating system and the root filesystem (for example jffs2) is on the NOR flash chip.

Emulated Chips

 AM29LV800BT     - size 1024k
 AM29LV320MB     - size 4096k
 M29W320DB       - size 4096k
 MX29LV800CB     - size 1024k
 MX29LV800CT     - size 1024k
 AM29LV320ML     - size 4096k
 AM29LV640ML     - size 8192k
 MBM29LV650UE    - size 8192k
 AM29LV128ML     - size 16384k
 AM29LV256ML     - size 32768k
 SG29GL256MR2    - size 32768k
 SG29GL256MR4    - size 32768k
 AM29BDS128H     - size 16384k
 SG29GL128NR2    - size 16384k
 SG29GL256NR2    - size 32768k
 SG29GL512NR2    - size 65536k
 MX29LV640BU     - size 8192k
 S29AL016DT      - size 2048k
 S29AL016DB      - size 2048k

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