Softgun Configuration File

The softgun configuration directory is ˜/.softgun/. There is one configuration file per emulated board. The configuration files have the suffix ".sg". When the emulator is started the name of the configuration file without the suffix is given as command line argument.

Example: Create the directories, select the configuration file for your board and write some precomiled images into the flash:

# mkdir ~/.softgun
# mkdir ~/my_discimages
# cp softgun/configs/ ~/.softgun/
# vi ~/.softgun/
... edit configfile here
# softgun  -l uboot  /cdrom/images/unc90dev/u-boot-unc90dev.bin \
           -l kernel /cdrom/images/unc90dev/uImage-unc90dev \
           -l rootfs /cdrom/images/unc90dev/rootfs-unc90dev.jffs2 \

If no configuration name is given on the commandline softgun uses "".


The configuration files consists of sections and variable/value pairs. The comment sign is "#"
[<section name>]
<variable_1>: value_1
<variable_2>: value_2
The configuration file has some sections which are present always (global, regions, loader). Additionally there is one section for each emulated chip. The section name is the instance name of the chip.

Example File

board: UNC90
imagedir: /home/user/emulator/unc90

host_ifname: unc90

flash:     0x10000000 0x01000000
uboot:     0x10000000 0x00040000
kernel:    0x10040000 0x00300000
rootfs:    0x10340000 0x00300000
flash_rw:  0x10640000 0x00200000
flash_ro:  0x10840000 0x00200000
flash2_rw: 0x10a40000 0x00200000
unused:    0x10c40000 0x003c0000

port: 4711

# ------------------------------------------------------
# Memory Chips: Use board default when commented out
# ------------------------------------------------------

#size: 32M

type: AM29LV128ML
chips: 1

file: stdin