Renesas M32C

The Reneasas M32C87 is a 16/32 Bit Cisc Microconttroller with 1 Megabyte of flash and 48kB of RAM. Softgun can emulate its instruction set and the basic peripherals.

CAN controller

The simulated CAN controller is connected to a outside world with a TCP server socket. Every CAN message is represented by 16 Byte message. The message format is compatible to the Linux socket CAN interface. See "linux/include/linux/can.h".


The UARTs 0-4 can work in asynchronous mode or in SPI mode. For UARTs 5 + 6 SPI mode is not implemented.


The timers work only in standard counter mode with interrupt on underflow.

Internal Flash

The M32C has 1 MB of internal Flash which can be programmed in EW0 mode. EW1 mode is not implemented.